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Located in Old West Central, San Antonio, Roadrunner Grill's location has withstood time and time again. 

It wasn't always cold beers and good music. From what time tells, Road Runner Grill used to be a place where one could rest and go about their day.


In the years of 1920's the location served as a boarding house for out of town folks as well as Mexican immigrants.  It was a place where different cultures would gather to tell ther stories, cherish the moments and rest. Some records were lost in the timeline, but around sometime before the actual opening of the bar, the locations was an actual house where a family once lived. 

In the year of 2018, the Road Runner Grill started bustling with live music, hot rods, motorcycles and people celebrating the moment.


So come and join us for a historic experience along with a  "cold one" and great music. 

Also, see if you can catch a glimpse of some of our paranomal encounters.